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A Sample Of The Novel Sony Xperia C6903 Appeared

H5N1 sample of the novel Sony Xperia appeared on Indonesian Postel website. Form No. C6903 Xperia suggests that this is a high-end device, the Xperia Z (C660X), in addition to the final digit '3 'suggestion that it supports LTE frequency ring inwards Europe.
Previously it was announced that a publish of C6907 samples were used for internal Z Xperia Tablet wifi version, therefore nosotros are non certain if this publish has been reused to approximately other device or whether related to the Xperia LTE Tablet SKU Z.

If nosotros are looking for approximately other device, in addition to therefore it's a skillful adventure in that place volition hold out for the upcoming launch of Sony products, tin every bit good hold out Xperia Ultra Z ('Togari) or Honami. We volition convey yous to a greater extent than data when nosotros
have it.
Source: Xperia Blog.