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Firmware (14.1.B.0.438) Certified Android 4.2. 2, The Root Xperia Z Ultra Version C6802, Xl39h, Preparing To Sell Out?

Recently, the Xperia Z Ultra has novel firmware certified yesteryear PTCRB site. Firmware (14.1.B.0.438) is probable to android 4.2 .. 2, using both HSPA networks using version 2 (C6802, XL39h).

Ultra Z Xperia network using LTE volition larn on sale inwards Europe inwards September, but this software is certified sooner than expected. It tin run HSPA firmware version has been built before.

With this sign, yous tin run into Sony is preparing to sell the Xperia Z ultra inwards closed to markets earlier using HSDPA 3G network, equally previously announced, mainland People's Republic of China volition live on the commencement target together with and then Hong Kong, Taiwan afterward this month. The average cost published yesteryear the telephone substitution at $ 850 or more.

Source: Xperiablog