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Installing Firmware Update For The Sony Xperia Phones Amongst Flashtool Tool, Practise Firmware From Flashtool

There are peoples enough of Sony Xperia telephone role but produce non know how to role FlashTool tool for updating novel software or rescue the telephone operating arrangement when the arrangement fails, How to create a tool firmware from FlashTool. So I decided to produce i total transportation service close this stuff.

You become to i of the ii links below to download the tool:
- Link the master download FlashTool
- Link FlashTool they upload (mediafire): - 

- Firmware is the software for the arrangement inwards the shape of compressed air. FTF
- FlashTool is a tool to upgrade firmware to create, salve figurer when software bugs (as long equally the car is booting up, the Sony logo 100% salve through this tool).
- The firmware upgrade via FlashTool non price your phone.
- The jeopardy occurs when a ability outage update, firmware bugs or crashes.

1. Create i firmware amongst FlashTool:
- To create the firmware amongst FlashTool, require that you lot accept upgraded the firmware from your device from the PC Companion or Update Service on the Sony figurer use.
- The steps are equally follows:
1.1. Install FlashTool, as well as thence the path C: \ ProgramData \ Sony Ericsson \ Update Engine \ db \ 13740270 \ blob_fs (can re-create / glue inwards the address bar to quick)
Then re-create the 3 files accept the largest capacity inwards it to whatever other i folder (in this example I copied to eastward :/ / firmware .55 second to .55 firmware version of Xperia S)

1.2. Open FlashTool, click the moving painting below. Then the path leads upwardly to the 3rd house inwards the file (see Figure)

1.3. Click the arrow push (see picture) to 3 file via the correct pane, as well as and thence click OK volition seem equally pictured below 1 bunch

1.4. Press Ctrl primal to select all the items as well as click the correct arrow (see picture)

1.5. After appearing equally the bottom, operate inwards the device code (device), firmware (version), as well as the beginning firmware (branding) - hither you lot select your device is global inwards the international version, the firmware for all requirements are. Then click OK

1.6. Appears complete business packet creation is finished

1.7. And this is the firmware version 6.1.A.2.55, you lot tin john seek downloading the firmware update as well as follow the instructions below

2. Firmware upgrade, rescue OS phones via FlashTool tool:
- Basically, equally I posted before article close how to upgrade Xperia due south to Android 4.0.4 ICS but I volition write dorsum to all of the machines used for ever.
- First, you lot involve to install the driver, the folder C :/ / FlashTool / drivers as well as install the necessary drivers for your device (click on the box to turn, for example using ICS Xperia S, the Xperia due south ICS driver as well as select retentiveness ever select jail cellular telephone flash mode).
- Copy the firmware to upgrade / installation (. FTF) inwards the folder C :/ / FlashTool / firmwares
- Follow the instructions below:

2.1. Open FlashTool, select equally below:

2.2. Choose to flashmode / OK volition survive equally under:
At this stage, it should survive noted that if you lot are used to update the firmware, as well as thence uncheck the box 3 wipe data, wipe cache as well as wipe apps log volition non lose existing data.

However, if you lot are running firmware to create bugs or figurer research, pick out the 3 cell.

2.3. Select the firmware to survive used, select OK:

2.4. When appearing equally under, off, press as well as concur the book downwardly push for 3 machines no physical navigation keys (S, Ion, T, Z, ...) or the dorsum push (picture) amongst machine-3 physical push (X10, Arc, Neo ...).

Then, the firmware volition survive installed on the machine, produce non disconnect, plow off the figurer when non done.

2.5. Appears finished flashing text is finished