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Secret The Commencement Images Of Pattern Styles Xperia I1

As nosotros good know, the minute has many specific specs of Xperia i1 super photographic tv set camera telephone has been revealed, however, non accept whatever pictures of the models revealed that this was likewise had claimed that Sony volition non allow i1 revealed until launch twenty-four hours (April 7-8).

However, a reputable fellow member nicknamed Maiaramdan Esato has revealed or then details of this model when he had a lead chances to expect over the test, or then other fellow member called Razec pattern outlined of this model past times describing what Maia did.

According Maiaramdan.

The dorsum of the Xperia i1 (Honami) is a chip similar to the Sony Ericsson K850i, but the photographic tv set camera as well as wider circles. The top of the dorsum encompass is separated from the lower curve, the carbon fiber on the correct side Flahs lights, the bottom is metallic (metal). There volition last ii modest speakers distributed at the top as well as bottom of the dorsum cover, the bar volition last transparent alongside lights (does non specify where). Front similarities machine alongside bottom Xperia ZL but no color modify lights as well as photographic tv set camera is moved to the upper left corner.

Also shared Maia added that he did non run across the photographic tv set camera cover, as well as tin give the axe non last identified using flash 1 or 2. Also delight banker's complaint that this is alone a exam as well as create non know what degree lawsuit version, may last the offset as well as in all likelihood the final test.

Is a lot of speak close the pattern of this model, if it looks K850i is likewise quite impressive, but or then fence that if at that spot is no cover, mayhap it only over the dorsum of the W960i. Sony Vietnam has non yet dared to comment on the suggestions, you lot imagine as well as part ideas alongside our pick below.

Information coming out of the camera's Xperia i1
  • 13-20Mpx sensor size 1/1, five inch
  • G lens Lens
  • Bionz Image Processor Mobile
  • JPEG encoder completely novel application for the NEX cameras, Alpha

Some associations
Xperia ZL

Sketch based on the description

Source: Esato