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Sony Is Developing Xperia I1 Mini Phones, Straight Rival Of Iphone


According to a rattling reliable rootage of data was shared alone to vr-zone site says Sony is non only growing blockbuster Xperia i1 (Honami) is expected to officially denote that inwards September also developed a version Honami code is smaller Mini.

Honami principal challenger is non geared towards the super-jumbo covert every bit the Milky Way S4 model, HTC One introduce that volition challenger Apple alongside the iPhone 4/4s sample covert 3.5 inch together with five / 5s iv inch screen.

Typically Samsung or HTC Mini models are well-nigh identical, but the flagship model of configuration models are ordinarily much lower inwards cost every bit likewise depression is unlikely. The administration of the investment Sony is developing
Honami shape alongside covert size from iv to 4.3 inches but tin post away last configured alongside rattling terrible ability of Snapdragon microprocessor 800, the photographic boob tube camera tin post away not, but alongside Xperia i1 around advanced features volition last rattling similar.

New temporary fourth dimension only the higher upwards information, the configuration details bring non been disclosed. Some sources tell that before would bring Ray three iv inch compact but unknown is whether Honami Mini.