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Sony Xperia Z Get-Go Android 4.2.2 Update

The joy was inward the Z Xperia users when afterwards solely a few days ZL blood brother Xperia Android 4.2.2 update is expected of every blockbuster has officially landed a novel version of the operating organisation of Google. The FW is 10.3.A.0.423 code, a publish of users inward China, Taiwan has received reverberate an upgrade via PC Companion (The C6603 in addition to C6602).

Make certain you lot connect to update or tracking topics inward the forum below to update via FTF file

Download two files FTF 

Android version: 4.2.2
  • Baseband: 9x15A-ACEFWMAZQ-30110049-34
  • Kernel: 3.4.0-gba62870 BuildUser @ BuildHost # 1 Monday May 27 09:22:25 2013
  • Build number: 10.3.A.0.423
  • Phone Software Version: 1269-5309_10.3.A.0.423 GENERIC - user
  • File System Version: GLOBAL-LTE_10.3.A.0.423
  • Customization Version: 1270-6697_R4B
  • Branding: Generic ES (unbranded)
  • Country: Spain

Pre-installed apps: Adobe Reader, Alarm & clock, Album, Calendar, Camera, Car mode, Chrome, Contacts, Converter, Email, Evernote, Facebook, File Commander, FM radio, Foursquare, Gmail, Google, Google+, Installer, Let's root PSM, LinkedIn, Local, Maps, McAfee Security (12 months), Messaging, Messenger, Movie Studio, Movies, Moxier Pro, Unlimited Music, Navigation, News & Weather, Notes, OfficeSuite Pro, Opera Mini, Phone, Play Music, Play Store, PlayNow, Recorder, Settings, Smart Connect, Socialife, Sony Select, Support, Talk, Tools (Calculator, Backup & restore, NeoReader, Downloads), TrackID, Update Center, Video Unlimited, Voice Dialer, Voice Search, WALKMAN, WhatsApp, Wisepilot for XPERIA, Xperia Link, YouTube

NFC icon: no
LTE/4G icon: LTE