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Video Uploaded Sony Xperia Honami Revealed, Would Bring Revealed The Physical Photographic Boob Tube Camera Key

During the by calendar week nosotros bring seen 3 photographs Sony revealed that its phones to debut at IFA 2013 exhibition on 4/9. It turns out that all the pictures are cutting from the clip titled "The best affair nearly Sony's becoming a better" Sony has been posted on his YouTube channel. In the clip, inward
addition to images of typical round down ability push for 2013 Xperia line, soaked photographs together with G lenses, nosotros every bit good run into a device amongst a like blueprint but amongst Xperia Z hardware photographic tv set camera push on the side side of the machine. This suggests that Honami / Xperia Z1 - are 2 names for the upcoming smartphone - volition hold out an emphasis on imaging capabilities. Rumors every bit good said previously it volition role 20.7 megapixel sensor but no lift of Sony clip. Just over 1 calendar week away this device volition hold out officially unveiled, volition proceed Subtle transferred to y'all the latest tidings nearly it.

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