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Xperia Walkman Beautiful Concept From An Designer Vietnam

Sony Xperia i1 smartphone could live on the opening for a moving ridge every elite integration of engineering into the Sony Xperia. If this model amongst emphasis on shooting to a greater extent than from the Cyber-shot technology, despite data that the auto volition accept its ain good processor amongst S-Master MX engineering reputation, many people Walkman withal inquire the enquiry that when an Xperia Walkman volition live on born?

It's difficult to response that enquiry past times Sony are going inward the administration of integrating all the engineering inward the production (One Sony). However, if you lot want, nosotros tin sack depict upwards their ain dreams. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 really talented designer named Victor Cao, Vietnamese Americans accept created a shape Xperia concept-driven together with music, Walkman branded together with of course of pedagogy amongst a pattern that is extremely impressive.

According to his thoughts Xperia due west volition accept 4.6 inch enshroud Full hard disk Triluminos, 600 Snapdragon processor 1.7 Ghz, 32GB of internal memory, built-in good technologies Clear Audio, Clear Bass, S-Master MX , Walkman logo tin sack calorie-free together with modify color, music, the auto volition accept a thickness of virtually 9mm (?!). Again, this is only the concept, but if it becomes a reality volition certainly accept a lot of Sony fans volition live on "crazy". Thank you lot Victor every bit good high for an impressive design!

Source: Concept-phones