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Xperia Z Ultra 14.1.B.0.475 Firmware Update, Cook Press Ability Push The Together With Hide Stripe

Some Xperia Z Ultra running firmware version to come across the province of affairs 14.1.B.0.471 faulty ability push sometimes does non click on the covert together with live on striped. If your car is faulty unfortunately
present y'all tin handgrip it yesteryear updating the firmware 14.1.B.0.475. No log of novel updates to its Z Ultra clear that Sony did non induce together with upgrade for to a greater extent than features. It seems simply a tiddler update to induce the ability push together with the covert only. But bigger update for Ultra Z alongside X-Reality Features for Mobile expected to Day 09/09 novel release.

This update is currently solely for vociferation upward updates, but does non accept the OTA. You tin update yesteryear connecting to the calculator Xperia Z Ultra together with application Sony PC Companion or Bridge for Mac volition notify y'all that accept updated. The balance is quite uncomplicated together with y'all simply follow the directions.