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Best Launcher Customize 2019

Here is the mensuration besides follow as well as customise your smartphone

SSTEP1. Download all the required files (Available on  playstore)

Nova launcher

Zooper widget pro

Mnml UI for zooper


 PUBG wallpaper-CLICK HERE

STEP2. after installing all the apk 
1.go to habitation page click on homescreen as well as concur it as well as lead widget

 2.after that larn to downwardly as well as lead zooper widget as well as concur it as well as y'all larn to homescreen

3.After that click tap icon

4.Then click on mnml UI

5.Then click on minimal 73

as well as thus adapt the size of widget to your smartphone

STEP 3.1.Then ane time to a greater extent than larn to your homescreen as well as concur it as well as thus lead setting

2.Then click on look&feel

3.Then click on icon theme

4.Then click on zwart icon pack

Thats it y'all consummate your best launcher customize 2019