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Google Unveils Android P Developer Preview

Google has announced Android P, which won’t larn an existent advert or version let on until later. Still, we’ve got details on the features in addition to improvements Google is edifice for the side past times side version of Android. You tin download the Android P developer preview correct now, but it entirely runs on a handful of Google phones.

What’s New

Like Android Oreo, the P unloose doesn’t come upward amongst a lot of major characteristic additions. There are several notable additions, in addition to thus a massive let on of minor tweaks in addition to API changes for developers.
Probably the virtually interesting alter is native back upward for covert cutouts in addition to notches. Devices similar the Essential Phone in addition to Asus ZenFone v is already sporting notches, the latter of which is basically an iPhone X clone. In Android P, Google volition supply the necessary tools for developers to move amongst the notch rather than against it. Icons inwards the condition bar won’t live on clipped, in addition to apps tin deed content only about a phone’s notch without relying on each OEM to unloose an API. It supports diverse notch designs including the Essential U-shape in addition to bars to a greater extent than similar to the iPhone X.
How to Get It
If you lot desire to endeavor Android P today, it’s available equally a gratis download. However, it entirely runs on choose phones — you lot bespeak a first- or second-generation Pixel telephone to flash the commencement developer preview. The Pixel C in addition to 2015 Nexus phones are no longer supported inwards the preview, mark the commencement fourth dimension at that spot hasn’t been a tablet for developer testing. This points to the belike terminate of Android tablets equally Nosotros know them.
Android Developers site. That’s also where you lot tin larn the organization images for Pixel phones.