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How To Solve 'The File Is Also Large For The Goal File Organisation Error'

Most of us must convey experienced an lawsuit amongst an fault proverb "File is every bit good large for the goal file system" when y'all deed large files. Why does this happen? The occupation is that the difficult motility is formatted every bit FAT32 every bit the difficult motility tin hand the axe solely shop a maximum of 4GB large files only. For that I volition percentage to y'all the agency that nosotros tin hand the axe shop more than 4GB files into difficult drive. I tried it on my flash disk.
The steps are every bit follows:

  • Sign inwards to windows explorer
  • Next correct click on your flash motility as well as select properties.

  • Next correct click on your flash motility as well as choose format. Note: earlier y'all formatted flash disk should outset backup your of import data
  • Then the modify FAT32 file organization to NTFS as well as click start as well as await until formatting is complete.

  • After the flash disk is changed to NTFS as well as then y'all tin hand the axe move files larger than 4GB into your flash drive.

Good luck...