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Nokia Ix Pureview

Nokia ix PureView novel photos are coming out. the news of 5 cameras on this call upward is non new. Launched nether the Android One program
This call upward volition launch inwards early on 2019.
Recently, a novel motion painting of the Nokia ix PureView call upward has been published on Twitter. The sparse bezel is seen side past times side to the phone's display inwards this picture. There is no notch on this display.
No fingerprint sensor was institute inwards the dorsum of the Nokia ix PureView phone. That is fingerprint sensors would endure in-display of this phone. 

Some reports tell that the Nokia ix PureView call upward volition accept a 6-inch display, 8GB of RAM in addition to 256GB of storage.
In a study concluding week, Nokia ix PureView volition come upward to marketplace inwards the concluding calendar week of January.