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Screen Muncher Pro - Blackberry Application

Screen Muncher Pro - BlackBerry Application at nowadays lets yous portion your memories in-app the 2d alongside all your Facebook friends! Sharing IM conversations, pics, favorite Facebook moments, Tweets, maps, recipes, what yous heed to, the high score ... ANYTHING! The amount version lets yous take watermark, modify colors, plough off audio & more! This application is funny, cute together with useful, including the classic "Munch" audio effect, animation together with vibrate every fourth dimension yous Munch a screen!

Use Screen Muncher to:

  • Munch BlackBerry ® Messenger BBM conversations together with forthwith portion them via Facebook & Twitter! (Also posting whatsoever app that has taken in)
  • Munch funny or stupid late-night messages to salvage or portion alongside friends
  • Munch your favorite Facebook, WhatsApp, Foursquare, Twitter, or other message, social network post, condition or painting demo (tip: assign to convenience key
  • Munch together with salvage an icon that yous unremarkably would non hold upwards able to from a spider web site similar Facebook
  • Munch your BlackBerry ® subject together with demo it off to friends
  • Munch a map from Google Maps, BlackBerry ® Maps, etc. together with then yous tin role it afterward for directions
  • Munch a recipe yous got online to cite to later
  • Munch your calendar together with ship it to your friends
  • Munch a game degree you've achieved or scoreboard yous reached together with post
  • Munch frames inwards a YouTube video
  • Munch music yous are listening to together with demo your friends


  1. Make wise Munches yesteryear turning the audio off!
  2. To Munch a browser concealment / spider web page, assign Screen Muncher to a convenience key
  3. Assign Screen Muncher to a BlackBerry ® convenience primal together with yous tin easily together with speedily Munch ANY concealment including your abode screen, Foursquare, Twitter, WhatsApp together with more!
  4. Go here to run into a video on what Screen Muncher tin do!
  5. The Muncher small-scale concealment icon at the peak of your concealment is a notice. To read it larn to messages - card - Folder View - Inbox (Screen Muncher)


  1. Customize Screen Muncher color - xi to guide from!
  2. Customize Munch audio - viii to guide from!
  3. Select the icon format (png & jpeg)
  4. Clear Screen Muncher watermark
  5. Turn the audio off to brand discreet Munches when others are but about on inwards serenity places similar classroom
  6. To role Screen Muncher: On whatsoever concealment that yous run into on your BlackBerry ®, but force the BlackBerry ® icon key. Choose "Munch Screen" from the card together with select "Email", "Save" or "Options" button. It's that simple!

app the 2d alongside all your Facebook friends Screen Muncher Pro - BlackBerry Application
ONLY FOR OS 6 or above: