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Android 4.3 Jelly Edible Bean Back Upwards 4K Resolution Screen

Android 4.3 jelly edible bean back upwardly 4K resolution screen
Android supports all the unlike types of hardware, all the unlike covert sizes too accompanied yesteryear lots of unlike covert resolution. From depression resolution 120dpi (LDPI Low DPI) is a picayune higher to 160dpi (MDPI every bit The T-Mobile G1), of late it has been pop alongside 320dpi 720p (XHDPI, Nexus 4) The latest ultra-high resolution 480dpi on the machine FullHD (XXHDPI, HTC One). To live on able to run the operating organisation Android is good, the library needs to back upwardly this resolution. With Android 4.3 has launched, nosotros convey industrial plant life an incredible library alongside code marked every bit XXXHDPI - Extra Extra Extra High dpi resolution corresponding to 4K Ultra hard disk covert 640dpi. Indeed, users demand mobile devices, alongside a resolution of crisis similar this? Nothing is impossible, however, that the might to to a greater extent than easily nosotros tin intend of that is running Android 4.3 on the 4K screen. As Google TV or a set-top box that they're such development.
Source: Engadget