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Android 4.3 Officially Launched: Restricted Profile, Smart Bluetooth Support, Opengl Es 3.0

Android 4.3 officially launched
Today Google has officially announced Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. This is the latest version of Android comes novel features such equally back upwards for Bluetooth Smart connectivity, the OpenGL ES 3.0 API, which allows to assign profiles for each user inwards the system, additional features to purpose Wi-Fi seat fifty-fifty when the user goes off connections alongside many other changes, large as well as small. Nexus seven novel generation is the kickoff reckoner installed Android 4.3, the Nexus has also received an update today.

Android 4.3 back upwards Restricted Profile for each user
Android 4.3 back upwards Restricted Profile for each user
When launched Android 4.2, Google has introduced Multi User Features for tablet to allow users to purpose a unmarried device, a tablet useful to last shared betwixt friends or household unit of measurement members . Each user volition guide hold a "sector" of the machine itself should ensure that the information volition non present upwards for others to see. Now, on Android 4.3, Google added a novel characteristic added to the Multi User, which is Restricted Profile. Each fellow member volition guide hold a "profile" of its ain as well as tin flaming entirely exercise what is specified inwards the "profile". For example,
parents tin flaming block in-app buy characteristic of a detail application, to forestall children accidentally bought hundreds of dollars. In addition, when applied to the concern environment, it volition allow the decentralized direction staff easier.
Android 4.3 back upwards Restricted Profile for each user

Android 4.3 back upwards Support for Bluetooth Smart
Android 4.3 back upwards Support for Bluetooth Smart
Similar to what the society has to discover at the fourth dimension Google I / O, Android 4.3 has back upwards for Bluetooth Smart Ready technology scientific discipline (also called Bluetooth Low Energy - LE). It helps back upwards this touchstone for smartphones, tablet running Android brand amend purpose of power-saving capabilities of Bluetooth Smart devices used, such equally Pebble watches, wellness monitoring devices Fitbit Flex. The developer volition last using the 18th edition APIs to connect Android alongside Bluetooth Smart devices past times sending each "pulse" of information rather than continuously maintained equally the electrical flow Bluetooth connection. In a press release of the Association of Bluetooth, they country "latest version of Android" volition last integrated Bluetooth Smart Ready. Unknown "latest" What is here, is Android 4.3 which tin flaming also last 4.2.3, nosotros know that nosotros volition launch inwards the coming months.

Android 4.3 Supports 1.3 AVRCP profile
This is a Bluetooth profile that allows applications to interact amend alongside the equipment flora exterior content. The application tin flaming last used to transmit AVRCP 1.3 metadata of multimedia file playing to the playback device, such equally a machine stereo or Bluetooth speakers. Some examples of metadata past times AVRCP 1.3 back upwards including vocal title, creative somebody name, composer, ...

Android 4.3 back upwards OpenGL ES 3.0
Android 4.3 back upwards OpenGL ES 3.0
Unity volition guide hold a demonstration video OpenGL ES 3.0 on Android 4.3 inwards the adjacent few days. You tin flaming run into that outcome inwards the glare of machine lights are clearly displayed

OpenGL ES 3.0 is the latest touchstone inwards the manufacture to purpose reckoner graphics as well as directly Android 4.3 has back upwards for this API. OpenGL ES 3.0 allows to exercise to a greater extent than beautiful images, improve gloss as well as ikon reconstruction capability alongside high definition. The powerfulness to homecoming the lens glare effects equally good equally the structure of lite effects, reverberate improved performance much amend than inwards Android 4.2. When hardware back upwards (such equally the novel Nexus 7, for example), the rendering inwards OpenGL ES 3.0 tin flaming last implemented inwards existent fourth dimension alongside a resolution of Full-HD 1080p.

Android 4.3 back upwards DRM API

The novel APIs volition last added to the Android 4.3 features back upwards for DRM locked content. It volition assist Google attract to a greater extent than content providers, such equally the typical video shop Netflix alongside its rich, coming to Android, hence enriching essay ecosystem smartphone, tablet running its . DRM ensures that the content volition non last illegally copied as well as pirated intellectual property.

Android 4.3 back upwards Dial pad autocomplete

The telephone vociferation upwards of the default Android 4.3 directly supports search T9 keyboard, ie you lot tin flaming type the position out that corresponds to the discussion to speedily search a detail contact. We exercise non necessarily demand to motion into the cite into the search box to abide by more.
Android 4.3 back upwards Dial pad autocomplete
Android 4.3 back upwards Notification Access
The application tin flaming directly access as well as interact alongside the notification message inside the arrangement equally presently equally they appear. According to Google, developers tin flaming "show them comfortable (notice) the means they want, including routing it to the nearby Bluetooth devices. Developers tin flaming also update or ignore written report if necessary. " In other words, Android 4.3 allows software developers to interact amend alongside the proclamation of Android system. This is business office of a Notification Listener service that nosotros ever heard of before. Let us hold off as well as lookout adult man programming community volition exploit this characteristic looks like.

Android 4.3 support: Faster operation
Google said that Android 4.3 builds on the features improves the performance of Android 4.2, including timing vsync, triple buffering, rendering 2D images supported past times hardware. Now our society has to optimize our device tin flaming run faster. The display text as well as images also promises better, higher quality.

Android 4.3 support: New features related to positioning
Hardware Geofencing: allow to a greater extent than unloosen energy saving equipment past times performing the calculations related to the geographic place of hardware, software charge off. On devices that back upwards Hardware Geofencing, Google Play GeoFence service API volition last able to accept payoff of this to assist extend battery life when the device has to motion but to run the positioning task. Nexus four as well as Nexus seven novel life (2013) guide hold compatible hardware Hardware Geofencing.

Mode using Wi-Fi to scan positions: allowing always-on Wi-Fi, but exercise non demand whatsoever network connexion at all. This has helped improve the positioning accuracy, but to salve the battery. The app that uses place features mightiness inquire the user to activate the Wi-Fi is new. It is known that these are the novel features of Android 4.3 as well as it does non depend on hardware.

Supports reading from the sensor signals of rotating mechanism without having to worry almost interference from