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Android 4.3 Supports Bring Down For All The Nexus Line, Information Access Surgical Procedure

Android 4.3 supports TRIM for all the Nexus line, information access performance 
One of the complaints close the Nexus seven is early on access speeds (I / O) retention of the machine slowed downwards after a few months of use. After reset, the machine move faster, but simply about fourth dimension later, the phenomenon appears. Now, amongst Android version 4.3 has simply been released, Google has overcome this resultant non exclusively on the Nexus 7, but every bit good on all the other machines inward the Nexus solid unit of measurement cheers the back upward TRIM. TRIM is a command that tells the operating organization controller (controller) SSD eMMC retention fleck or retention cells that are no longer used together with tin move removed prior to the recording of information tin cause got house to a greater extent than quickly.

In the basis of solid-state storage media (SSD or eMMC), deleting a file does non hateful that the file had disappeared completely. It disappeared inward the user side together with the operating system, but the eMMC controller or SSD is nonetheless treated every bit a business office of the jail cellphone that contains the data. For example, yous re-create the motion-picture demo 3GB internal retention of the phone, watch, together with then delete them. As such, the total of costless retention yous added 3GB, but exclusively when the retention block was overwritten past times other data, the SSD controller / eMMC novel hold off is the existent box. Controller is a technique for tracking vacancies, but to a greater extent than together with to a greater extent than jail cellphone / block of retention to boot the bucket on runway of (ie, after a long fourth dimension purpose together with shop data), the retention director volition become slower.

To solve it, TRIM appears. It establishes a trouble of communication betwixt the controller's file organization amongst SSD / eMMC. When a block is TRIM, a dot is sent to the controller to say "empty retention block that already, no postulate to boot the bucket on runway anymore." Then, a proficient controller volition schedule the cleanup of this retention block to increase surgery together with trim back the fourth dimension required to write novel data. Of course, the controller must move proficient plenty to move able to produce this, is to enable TRIM inward the operating organization is exclusively the kickoff step. If interested, yous tin acquire to a greater extent than close the machinery of the deleted file has been TRIM.

According AnandTech, Android 4.3 atmospheric condition for acquit that TRIM is: the user does non touching the device for to a greater extent than than 1 hour, without whatever cleanup commands are sent inward the past times 24 hours, or the equipment is plugged inward amongst infinite over 30% battery charger amongst batteries or plugged inward 80%. Goal volition move running Android 4.3 TRIM command i time every 24 hours if yous regularly plugged into the black air. Of course, users tin nonetheless comfortably pass machine, the OS TRIM volition produce past times themselves, together with a few days, non fifty-fifty weeks conducting TRIM is non much affected.
Source: AnandTech