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Google Announced Android Studio Programming Environment, Making Novel Developer Console

In the outcome Google I / O, Cases has officially introduced a novel programming tool for Android called Android Studio. One of the novel features of the evolution environs is that it improve supports layout applications for many dissimilar devices, brand certain that the app tin write compatible amongst all covert
smartphone as well as tablet . The changes inward the programming code volition hold upwards displayed inward existent fourth dimension on the accompanying simulation tools. Google also added the mightiness to drag as well as drib graphical components to gear upwards the application procedure easier as well as quicker. Studio Android app also allows playback inward many dissimilar languages ​​in the same interface for programmers tin edit the põrnikas all the same exists. This is simply i of the features of Android Studio as well as Google volition denote inward the almost future. Currently Android Studio has allowed downloading the preview here.

On this occasion, the management application for Programmers (Developer Console) on Google Play has been improved. Now developers volition honor a listing of surface area optimized applications (Optimization Tips), such every bit those suggested inward the "design your app for the tablet." Translation Service, the service lets developers submit their applications to their translation fellowship to convert it into a diversity of dissimilar languages ​​(surcharge), as well as this is i agency for developers to access to many novel countries.

In addition, programmers tin improve rails the ads integrated into the app thank yous to Referral Tracking, rails resources to install apps from anywhere / whatever device. The novel nautical chart is to simplify the analysis of app revenue (Revenue Graph). Finally, the Developer Console back upwards app developers every bit a beta deployment or phased unloose (Beta Testing & Staged rollouts).

According to The Verge, The Next Web, Google