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Google Acquires Startup To Boost Assistant's Might To Accurately Response Users' Questions

Superpod, the startup app developer has been acquired past times the online tech-giant Google. The companionship is known for edifice apps to post questions in addition to larn answers from the experts flawlessly. Google’s acquisition volition assist it to boost its Assistant's might in addition to plow over it the describe to respond users' questions accurately.

According to the latest report, Google paid most $60 meg to the founder of the companionship "acqui-hire" in addition to purchased unopen to of the startup’s assets. No to a greater extent than fiscal details bring been revealed past times Google in addition to then far.

Superpod had closed its Q&A app final yr inwards the calendar month of September. In a message, Superpod founder mentioned that no farther details tin plow over notice survive shared at this signal inwards fourth dimension but alongside this acquisition, the companionship is really excited in addition to promise to run into something better.  

Google is consistently working on its Assistant's capabilities to move similar to other high-end devices including Amazon Alexa. Alexa existence in addition to then popular, Google is trying to outperform her in addition to other voice-assisted devices similar Apple’s ‘Siri’. There is a exam to banking concern lucifer the effectiveness of the smart speakers in addition to Google is actually trying really difficult to accomplish on the top.

As per the report,  "Smart Speaker IQ Test"  2018 edition, Google Assistant that was tested on Google Home smart speaker answered 87.9% of users’ questions correctly where the organization answered solely  81.1 % inwards 2017. This shows a commendable improvement inwards Google’s smart assistant.