Eltima Website Has Been Hacked !

Eltima Website Has Been Hacked !

ESET safety researchers works life that the website of Eltima, the makers of the Elmedia Player software, has been hacked in addition to spreading a version of their application trojanized amongst the OSX/Proton malware on their official website. The malware query companionship (ESET) informed Eltima every bit before long every bit the province of affairs was confirmed.

Elmedia Player is a real pop media histrion that reached the 1 1 one one thousand thousand users milestone this summer.
According to Eltima:
“On the 19th of Oct 2017 nosotros were informed yesteryear a malware query companionship ESET that our servers convey been hacked in addition to our apps namely Folx in addition to Elmedia Player DMG files are distributed amongst a malware.”

An aggressor tin role Proton which is a real powerful malware to collect dissimilar information from infected hosts, such every bit operating organization details, browser passwords, cookies, history, information on cryptocurrency wallets, SSH somebody keys, macOS keychain data, VPN configs, GnuPG data, 1Password data, in addition to much more.

ESET safety researchers propose users who downloaded Elmedia Player or Folx software lately to cheque if their organization is compromised yesteryear testing the beingness of whatsoever of the next file or directory:
– /tmp/Updater.app/
– /Library/LaunchAgents/com.Eltima.UpdaterAgent.plist
– /Library/.rand/
– /Library/.rand/updateragent.app/

If whatsoever of them exists, that way the trojanized Elmedia Player or Folx app was executed in addition to that OSX/Proton is close probable running.

“If you lot convey downloaded that software on Oct 19th earlier 3:15pm EDT in addition to run it, you lot are probable compromised.”

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