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Hp Laptops Convey Keylogger To Their Synaptics Touchpad Driver !

HP laptops accept keylogger to their Synaptics Touchpad driver !

The logging was disabled past times default only could last permitted past times setting a registry value,” said a safety researcher going past times the Title of ZwClose, who identified the flaw before this year.

The keylogging code was embedded inwards the SynTP.sys file, which is a module of the Synaptics Touchpad driver that ships amongst HP notebook models.
That registry telephone substitution is:

HKLM\Software\Synaptics\%ProductName% HKLM\Software\Synaptics\%ProductName%\Default

Malware devs tin purpose this registry telephone substitution to enable the keylogging business office in addition to spy on users using native kernel-signed tools, undetectable past times safety products. All they accept to create is to avoid a UAC prompt when changing the registry key. There are tons of methods of bypassing UAC prompts currently available.

The society has released a Driver update for all the affected HP Notebook Models. If yous ain an HP laptop, yous tin await for updates for your model. The listing of affected HP notebooks tin last constitute at the HP Support website.
This is non the real offset fourth dimension when a keylogger has been detected inwards HP laptops. In May this year, a built-in keylogger was constitute inwards an HP well driver that was silently recording all of its users' keystrokes in addition to storing them inwards a human-readable file.

HP published a listing of affected notebooks. The listing is 475 models-long in addition to adds 303 consumer notebooks in addition to 172 trouble organisation notebooks, mobile sparse clients, in addition to mobile workstations. Affected model lines include HP’s 25*, mt**, 15*, OMEN, ENVY, Pavilion, Stream, ZBook, EliteBook, in addition to ProBook series, along amongst several Compaq models.