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Most Disliked Youtube Video On The Cyberspace Inwards 2019

This video was lately uploaded on Youtube Most Disliked Youtube video on the cyberspace inward 2019

Most Disliked Youtube Video of 2019 on the cyberspace is Youtube Rewind 2018. This video was lately uploaded on Youtube. This is a mash-up video, which is made past times the combination of best Youtube Videos but viewers disliked this video likewise much in addition to this video because most disliked video on Youtube till the date.

This video got the 170 1 1000 1000 views till now, where y'all tin sack run into 2.5 1 1000 1000 likes on this video in addition to xvi 1 1000 1000 dislikes. Before this video, Justin Bieber's infant was most disliked, which was uploaded on the cyberspace inward 2010. 

Most of the users are complaining almost this video because at that topographic point is no PieDiePie. This Youtuber is quite famous betwixt teenagers in addition to most of the viewers disliked this video because of him. Youtube is the largest video platform on the cyberspace in addition to most of the YouTubers are earning well. 
So this was all almost this video. You tin sack run into that video in addition to y'all tin sack hit upward one's hear your similar or dislike on this video. According to you, is this skillful to dislike a video because of a Youtuber? Comment below to allow me know! Thank you!