New Pubg Mobile V0.8.0 Adds Sanhok Map, Novel Vehicles, Guns As Well As More

New PUBG Mobile v 0.8.0 adds Sanhok map, novel vehicles, guns together with more

PUBG Corporation on Tuesday announced the acre notes for latest update for PUBG Mobile on Android together with iOS. This update brings the much-awaited novel Sanhok map to users on both platforms, apart from several customisable pick-up settings, achievements, clans, anti-cheating measures, progress missions, Royale Pass, together with more. 

the total changelog for the novel version are equally follows.

New Map: Sanhok

Sanhok tin live on downloaded independently, together with then instruct inwards the game together with instruct it correct away to bring together your friends inwards the rainforest!

PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 acre notes :-

  • The novel rainforest map Sanhok is open, players tin pick out the rainforest map to tally inwards the map selection.
  • Added "Season Archive" function, which tin live on accessed inwards the game flavor interface to sentiment the information of previous seasons.
  • New vehicles: Bulletproof UAZ Jeep together with Muscle Car
  • Added the QBZ assail rifle, utilization 5.56mm bullets, randomly placed unopen to Sanhok.
  • Added a flare gun to indicate a super airdrop. Can live on summoned inwards the play zone, together with a Bulletproof UAZ tin live on summoned exterior the play zone, which volition live on inwards classic means for a express time.
  • Duckbill muzzle for the S1897 together with S12K, which greatly reduces the vertical spread of shotgun bullets together with increases horizontal spread.
  • Reduce the additive final result of the accessories on the lumbar spread.
  • Adjusted the make of shotgun bullets, the bullets volition live on to a greater extent than densely distributed.
  • The bullet tin penetrate H2O together with hitting enemies nether water, but the harm volition live on less.

  • The M24 sniper rifle volition live on removed from the airdrop together with volition live on randomly placed unopen to the map, but the harm is balanced to 79.
  • The negative final result of the low-cal suitcase is removed, together with the final result is to greatly improve the shooting stability together with improve the recoil recovery.
  • Optimised the burn rebound functioning of the assail rifle together with the SMG's
  • Optimised the functioning of the cherry-red point sight together with the 8x scope.
  • Added the might to supersede the optical sight designing together with color for the next sights: Red Dot Sight, Holographic Sight, together with 2x Sight.
  • Sensitivity for 3x Scopes together with 6x Scopes tin live on adjusted.
  • During the 6x Scope together with 8x Scope zooming, the sensitivity volition live on dynamically adjusted according to the sensitivity of the unlike multiples of the reach ready past times the player. When using 8x Scope to 4x magnification, the sensitivity of the 4x reach setting is applied.
  • 6x Scope together with 8x Scope zoom functioning optimization, has been consistent alongside end-game performance.
  • Added the might to sentiment the listing of spectators inwards the battle.
  • Automatic picking settings, such equally the release of bullets, the release of Medicine, the release of grenades, etc.
  • Players tin pick out their ain play strategy earlier matching to ameliorate tally players who play similarly to you
  • Limited fourth dimension article of apparel tin forthwith live on decomposed, together with the vantage for decomposition is BP.
  • Optimised the animation during decomposition.
  • Optimised the display of the backpack menu.
Pro tips to help you lot win :---

Running is preferable to noisy vehicular crusade due to map size.
Don't military camp inwards buildings. Being a forested hilly map, getting flanked is tardily spell camping.
The dynamic weather condition makes crusade tricky. Don't run if it rains. You volition brand splashing sounds.
In illustration of fog, deed betwixt trees quickly. This prevents snipers from getting a clear shot.

Good luck alongside the chicken dinner!

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