New Update Of Whatsapp Brings An Fantabulous Novel Features !

New Update Of WhatsApp Brings An Excellent New Features !

We all know real good that WhatsApp is 1 of the most used 2nd messaging application and has the longest listing of offers on the Internet. Now, according to the latest reports, the most used instant messaging application, of course, WhatsApp’s novel update brings an first-class novel feature.

New Feature :--
WhatsApp is 1 of the most used 2nd messaging application in addition to has the longest listing of offers on the Internet. As nosotros all know real good that it is slow to use, it tin survive used on whatever mobile platform, operating organization or fifty-fifty inwards the browser every bit well.

With constant changes in addition to improvements, WhatsApp has grown in addition to been affirmed. Now it is getting develop for closed to other novelty, which volition let all its users to alter the vociferation number associated amongst WhatsApp.

The most used 2nd messaging application WhatsApp is associated amongst the users’ phone number in addition to has non allowed it to alter directly. Of course, at nowadays anyone could merely alter and alert the contacts.With the novel feature, which is virtually to arrive, this tin survive done straight inside the 
app. To purpose it merely nosotros alone guide to guide the latest version of WhatsApp tests on Android.

*Accessing the WhatsApp Phone Number Change :--
In add-on to having the examination version of WhatsApp installed, users necessitate to access the settings and then Account. Then guide the selection Change number.

*How to alter the vociferation release inwards WhatsApp :--
You are in addition to therefore prompted for the electrical current vociferation release in addition to the novel vociferation number. During this process, at that spot is the possibility of notifying all users’ contacts, alerting them to the number change.

At the end, in addition to every bit nosotros indicated, an SMS volition survive sent to validate the alter to the novel number. This way at that spot is no necessitate to export information or restore whatever backup for a procedure every bit unproblematic every bit changing the phone number.

This novel characteristic is already available inwards the latest version of tests of WhatsApp for Android and should teach far shortly to the stable version.

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