Over I Meg Android Users Downloaded Simulated Whatsapp App

Over 1 i M 1000 Android users downloaded simulated WhatsApp app

Scammers tricked over 1 i M 1000 Android users into downloading a simulated version of the pop messaging app WhatsApp pretending to last the official one. The app, right away deleted, was called “Update WhatsApp” available on official Google Play Store.

On Play Store, at that topographic point are tons of apps that whose developers are employing foul practices to gain downloads. One item app, named “Update WhatsApp,” mimicked WhatsApp to play a trick on users yesteryear making them believe that they were updating an existing application.

Different users on Reddit too Twitter pointed out that instead of existence a chat app, Update WhatsApp was an ad-scrapper app that aimed to earn clicks too fraudulent revenue.

Later, according to Motherboard, the app’s developer changed its mention to “Dual Whatsweb Update” too changed its icon. Further downwards the line, the app was removed from Google Play, too the developer concern human relationship was suspended for violating the policies.

Over 1 i M 1000 Android users downloaded simulated WhatsApp app
Fake WhatsApp (Credit: Reddit too Google Play Store)

Although the app has been removed, it is unclear if it infected users amongst malware or solely generated ads through spam. It, however, shows that Android users produce non pay attending spell downloading an app. That is why cybercriminals too scammers are ever successful inwards targeting Android-based smartphones amongst malware too other online scams.

While this item i app mightiness convey been removed from Play Store, a publish of other apps piece of occupation out along to be (see motion painting at the top). So, users are advised to last to a greater extent than cautious spell downloading apps.

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