Road Sign Is Hacked Amongst Anti-Trump Message

Road Sign is Hacked alongside Anti-Trump Message

On the eventide of September 11, an electronic route sign inward the metropolis of Modesto, California was hacked in addition to defaced alongside a message against the President of the the US Donald Trump. The get-go someone to abide by the deface was Makayla Victoria, a Modesto resident who shared the clip on her Twitter work organisation human relationship showing the message stating that “Trump a Bit*h.”

Watch the clip below

Westside Modesto hold out lit!!
— PowerlineDom (@AsianboiVann) September 11, 2017

Stanislaus County Public Works Director Matt Machado told CBS that “We accept typos from fourth dimension to time, contractors volition type inward a give-and-take wrong, but y'all tin post away come across the intent is there, only a misspelling.”

On the other hand, the Highways staff can’t hit the final result until replacement parts arrive.

Hacking electronic route signs has perish a pop trend. Previously, inward 2 split incidents, electronic route signs were defaced alongside messages inward favor in addition to against the President. In 1 of the hacks, the message urged users to vote for Donald Trump spell the other asked for his impeachment.

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