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Russian Lawmaker; Boy Guilty $50M Hacking Scam

"Russian Lawmaker" Son Guilty To $50M Hacking Scam

The accused is the boy of a Russian fellow member of the parliament Valery Seleznev; he was arrested from Republic of the Maldives together with extradited to the USA to confront trial. According to USA Justice Department Seleznev has pleaded guilty inwards 2 criminal cases namely participation inwards racketeering system together with conspiring to commit banking concern fraud. The plea bargain for both these cases was confirmed on Thursday. 

According to DOJ’s press release, inwards Nevada together with Georgia cases, a credit carte du jour fraud band called was involved. It was a web-based network created past times cyber-criminals for trafficking of stolen credit carte du jour data. In his guilty plea, the accused admitted that he was purpose of that band since Jan 2009. The concern human relationship numbers were sold for $20 per piece, together with every bit per the prosecutors, the thefts caused losses of to a greater extent than than fifty 1000000 USD to people the credit cards of whom were stolen.

“The accused together with a sophisticated squad of hackers stole over $2,000,000 from ATMs across the globe. This plea shows that nosotros are committed to identifying together with bringing to judge cyber criminals from across the globe, wherever they are together with nonetheless long it takes,” said U.S. Attorney John Horn.
Russia insists Seleznev’s extradition was kidnapping of its citizen

The Russian regime labeled the arrest of Seleznev every bit an unlawful kidnapping. According to Igor Litvak, Seleznev’s attorney, his customer has accepted responsibleness for playing a purpose inwards 2 cyber cases that got settles on Thursday, precisely he is appealing against the conviction inwards the 3rd divide Washington case.

Source: HackRead