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The Malicious Spam Message Are Spreading On Facebook ( Don't Click On Whatsoever Message)

The Malicious Spam Message Are Spreading On Facebook ( Don't Click On Any Message)

The novel spam message are spreading on facebook Messanger From Past Few Days. The malware fools people into clicking on malicious links too attempts to download adware. This get is targeting Windows, macOS, too Linux users.

Users have got received a video link that redirects them to a faux malicious website. So, don’t click on whatever suspicious links sent yesteryear your friends. The researchers are all the same studying the laid on too the actual working machinery remains unknown. 

According to Kaspersky:
“The link points to a Google doc. The document has already taken a painting from the victim’s Facebook page too created a dynamic landing page which looks similar a playable movie.

When the victim clicks on the faux playable movie, the malware redirects them to a laid of websites which enumerate their browser, operating arrangement too other vital information. Depending on their operating arrangement they are directed to other websites.”

According to Avira:

“Suspicious messages amongst a video link (“ /”) are shared inside #Facebook messenger. Avira #Antivirus customers are protected!”

To hold out safe, users are recommended to avoid clicking on the malicious links too reporting the suspicious messages to Facebook