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Wi-Fi Gets Simplified Version Numbers & Side Past Times Side Version Is Wi-Fi Six !!

Wi-Fi Gets Simplified Version Numbers & Next Version is Wi-Fi vi !!

Do y'all know what is the latest version of Wi-Fi?
It is — Wi-Fi is 802.11ac.

The Wi-Fi Alliance—the grouping that manages the implementation of Wi-Fi—has today announced that the side past times side version of WiFi standard, which is 802.11ax, volition operate a simpler naming system together with volition hold out called WiFi 6.

802.11ac is the electrical flow version only going forwards that is all going to change. Wi-Fi Alliance, the grouping inwards accuse for the shepherding Wi-Fi standards through diverse iterations is changing the naming convention to a simpler, to a greater extent than comprehensible measure - version numbers.

Wi-Fi 6, based on the IEEE 802.11ax standard, volition offering higher information rates, increased capacity, expert performance—even inwards dense environments (such equally stadiums or populace venues) together with improved ability efficiency, making it perfect pick for smart domicile together with IoT uses).
Of course, the updated version names of all previous Wi-Fi standards volition at 1 time be:

802.11b → Wi-Fi 1
802.11a → Wi-Fi 2
802.11g → Wi-Fi 3
802.11n → Wi-Fi 4,
802.11ac (current) → Wi-Fi 5

This novel straightforward approach volition become far slowly for users to recognize which WiFi version their devices back upward together with run, helping them to boot the bucket along their devices up-to-date alongside the latest advanced WiFi capabilities.
"To assist users position devices that furnish the latest Wi-Fi experience, Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced simplified generational names that may look inwards device names together with production descriptions," the WiFi Alliance says."Wi-Fi devices supporting the latest generation of connectivity are based on the 802.11ax measure together with are known equally Wi-Fi vi devices."

the Wi-Fi Alliance equally good expects manufacturers, operators together with software developers to adopt these uncomplicated numerical indicators into their user interfaces, instead of classic lettered versions, equally shown inwards the illustration screenshot.

These icons volition become far slowly for users to apace location together with brand informed decisions close what version of WiFi network they are connecting to when using computers, tablets, smartphones or other devices.
That's actually helpful, together with a bang-up movement past times the WiFi Alliance. These names volition hold out a useful conduct for users buying devices that connect to WiFi, similar routers together with smartphones, which volition probable come upward marked alongside "WiFi 6" certifications