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Oneplus Half Dozen Android 9 Pie Update Rolled Out

T volition survive launched alongside this Android out of the box OnePlus vi Android ix Pie update rolled out

OnePlus vi Android ix Pie stable update is rolled out, presently OnePlus 3, 3T, 5, in addition to 5T volition larn the update too. OnePlus 6T volition survive launched alongside this Android out of the box. This is the commencement band of the company, which got a stable update. This fellowship officially confirmed they volition launch this update for OnePlus 3, 3T, 5, and 5T Soon. 
The update size is 1521 MB in addition to earlier this stable update, the users were getting the update inwards the cast of Beta 1 in addition to Beta 2. This update contains the Oxygen Os 9.0 too. According to the OnePlus Forum, this update volition larn you lot Do Not Disturb 3.0, gaming Mode 3.0, in addition to many colors customization. You volition larn a notification when you lot volition larn this update.
To download this update, commencement you lot volition bring to larn inwards in the settings, hence banking company stand upward for for System updates, in addition to in conclusion click on the banking company stand upward for updates. During the launch of these phones, the fellowship promised to laissez passer on you lot Android updates for two years in addition to safety updates for three years. This way the OnePlus three in addition to 3T volition larn this end update because they were launched inwards 2016.
So this was all close this update. If you lot bring anything to nation hence comment below in addition to follow the spider web log on many platforms similar Facebook. I am pretty impressed because most of the companies don't laissez passer on updates to their quondam phones only OnePlus is doing good. So I wanna nation now, give thank you lot you in addition to dear you lot all!