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Vertu Aster P Launched At The Cost Of $14,146

is launched together with this is a handmade mobile telephone Vertu Aster P launched at the cost of $14,146

Vertu Aster P is launched together with this is a handmade mobile phone, which happen variant is launched at the cost of $14,146. Black, White, together with Dazzling Gold colors are available for this phone. The Ink Black together with White color variant are launched at the cost of $5,167. The Dazzling Gold variant is available at the cost of $14,146. 

The display of this telephone is covered past times 133 Carat Sapphire Crystal Glass. Titanium Steel makes this telephone durable too. This is a durable telephone together with the pricing of this telephone is depression too. This is a dual-Sim phone. 

Vertu Aster P Full Specifications together with features-

This telephone is launched amongst the compact size display together with the display is launched amongst the 4.9 Inches display size. The display resolution of this telephone is 1080x1920 Pixels, which is a practiced matter together with the Super-AMOLED is used inwards this phone. The display looks practiced only the bezels are also thick.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 is used inwards this phone. I don't know what to tell because this fellowship is giving you lot Snapdragon 660 at this much pricing. This telephone contains vi GB of RAM together with the 128 GB internal storage.

On the raise side of the phone, you lot volition larn the unmarried 12 MP photographic tv set camera together with the front end photographic tv set camera sensor of this telephone comes amongst the twenty MP sensor. You volition larn the Android 8.1 Oreo together with you lot volition larn the 3200 mAh battery inwards the phone.
At this time, I won't give a Kick or selection to this telephone because close of the readers volition ignore this telephone because of the pricing together with if you lot actually wanna purchase this phone, thence my verdict is null for you lot because this is a luxurious mobile phone, which is practiced to show. Thank you!