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Ancoti, One trick, how to deal with a locked Facebook account, bypassing the Facebook security check. This process is carried out in the case of a locked account or checkpoint before being approved to enter FB.

Currently, there is no tutorial for breaking FB sessions, because this term is only used by someone who is opening a FB workshop to a session. In addition, this term seems to be cheating.

Meanwhile, Facebook does not tolerate cheating in any form. For example, when asked to provide identification, but what was submitted was a fake identity.

In that case, don't get your hopes up that the account can be recovered, it can even be permanently disabled.

What is an FB Session?

The Facebook session is a condition in which the account is locked suddenly or exits itself from the application or device used.

When an account experiences a checkpoint it will be asked to complete the verification process, including:

  • Answering questions given by Facebook.
  • Select previous comments.
  • Upload a photo that shows a face.
  • Identifying photos of FB friends.
  • Approve signing in from a computer or other device.
  • Enter the 6 digit code sent via SMS and Email.
  • Confirm identity (ID), namely sending photo identification.

Cause FB to Session?

Incorrect use of Facebook and due to other FB users can cause FB to enter the session. If an activity is detected that is considered suspicious, the account will be locked at that time.

The following is a complete explanation that needs to be known to be more careful when doing activities on Facebook.

1. New Facebook

A new FB account has the potential to experience a lost session. Therefore, if you have just registered or created a new Facebook, you should not do too much activity.

This does not mean that you cannot comment, make status, and upload photos or videos. But reduce activities like this.

2. Ask for friendship

Asking for friends at once in large numbers can cause a session to run out on your Facebook account.

The same thing happens when accepting or confirming friend requests from other people.

Usually, the problem occurs on new FB accounts. Therefore, it is better if you add or confirm friends, there is a limit, at least 30 people per day.

3. Comments and Posts

Many people ignore comments and make statuses such as uploading videos or photos in a row.

If you have ever participated in a giveaway on Facebook that was asked for the most "p" comments, I suggest not to follow along again, because comment spam has a bad impact on your account.

Do not believe? Just continue.

Tired of most comments don't get a prize. I just want to say it's a hoax, aka a lie.

4. Suspicious Activity

Facebook will lock down user accounts when recent activity is detected as suspicious behavior.

This action is done as a step to secure the account from piracy.

Activities that are deemed suspicious come from other people who want to steal accounts.

An example is if someone else tries to change their Facebook password but it doesn't work.

5. Shares Active Link

Apart from being considered spam, sharing an active link too often can result in lost sessions on your Facebook account. These links may come from news links or personal blogs.

Actually, there are no restrictions on sharing news containing links, but you must be able to control yourself. Don't do it in a row, at least be given a break of 20 or 30 minutes.

If you ignore it, you can't post and comment on Facebook for 3 to 30 days. Even the Facebook account can be deactivated.

6. Reported someone

The first reason a Facebook account has a permanent session is that someone has reported your Facebook account.

7. Exposed to Phishing

Phishing is a fake website resembling a real Facebook page that aims to deceive you in order to make an account.

When logging in to the web using a Facebook account, the session on the Facebook account will potentially lose because it is stolen.

Make sure you keep logged in to the FB lite and Android applications to stay safe.

If you want to access your Facebook account via a browser, make sure you also stay on the official Facebook URL, including:


Phishing characteristics can be seen clearly on the display URL. If, then the phishing URL will be So the letter "o" is replaced by the zero "0".

Usually, that's the way it is! But that can't be used as a benchmark, because there are many types of phishing web URLs.

Besides that, Facebook never offers services or makes applications to increase followers (follow) and auto likes.

In order to avoid sessions due to phishing, do not occasionally log into accounts on sites other than the original Facebook URL.

8. Because of Termux

Who has ever taken a person's account without permission using Termux? When hijacking an account through the Termux application, you are definitely asked to enter your Facebook ID and password.

Using third-party applications to access Facebook can result in a blocked account.

9. Others

It's not just 8 reasons ... If you know other causes, please comment in the comments column below.

How to Overcome FB Account Subject to Session?

How to deal with FB getting the same session when opening a locked Facebook. The two differ only in terms of the name of the problem when people call them.

#1. Upload photo identification

How to deal with a Facebook account getting a session with a photo identification card is very easy. But the tutorial below is only for real Facebook users.

If you use a fake account, you will definitely experience difficulties, because the identity card data with the account must be different.

How to deal with a permanent FB account:

  • Prepare an identity card (ID) or photo identification such as a Student Card, SIM, passport, or KTP.
  • Take ID photos up close. You don't need to scan it, you can use a cellphone too.
  • Make sure the photo does not have a glare.
  • Try to keep the data or writing on the ID clearly legible or not blurry.
  • Then go to your Facebook account.
  • Click Continue to confirm identity in order to open a locked FB account.

  • Click the arrow, then select Upload Photo ID, then click Continue.

how to deal with the fb account being hit by a session
  • Press Continue to help Facebook improve its automated system for detecting fake IDs.
how to deal with the fb account being hit by a session

  • Click Choose File, then insert the identity card that has been prepared. After that, check the section I have attached the ID of group one, then click Continue.

how to deal with the fb account being hit by a session


• Enter an active email address that you can still access and click Continue.

 • Check the fields provided to ensure that only you can access the email, then click Continue.

 Finally, click OK.

After doing the appeal process following the steps above, then just wait for your ID to be reviewed by the Facebook team.

The review process can take a maximum of 24 hours. But sometimes it can be faster than that.

Oh yes, you can monitor the review process through the email inbox via the email address listed as in the tutorial above.

To regain access to your FB account, follow the steps below:

1. Open your email inbox.

2. Select an incoming email from Facebook.

3. Click the link provided in the email.


4. Enter the new password.

2. Or you can also follow this method:

1. Open the email address and look for incoming messages from the Facebook team.

2. Copy / Copy the unique code like the example in the picture.

3. Open Facebook via the Google Chrome browser.

4. Enter your Email or mobile number in the column provided.

5. Use this unique code as a temporary password and then click enter.

6. Then replace the password with a new one.

7. Success.

The next step you have to do is accessing or click the link in the email.

After that, you will be asked to change the old FB password with the new one.

In addition, you can also open a Facebook login page via a computer or Android.

But if you choose to use a smartphone, open the Chrome browser to switch to desktop mode or computer display.

Then go to Facebook as usual by entering your email or cellphone number.

While the password column is filled with the temporary password which will be sent in the email.

An example of a temporary password like this is "DYH47JVVJ."

Just like that, it's easy, right?

How to Overcome FB Subject to "Approve Login" Session

Meanwhile, if your Facebook account has a "approve login device" session, you can use the following steps:

• First log-in to your account and a screen will appear as shown below.

 • Then you select continue, a new page will appear, namely the selection of an identity confirmation method to be used. Then select "accept sign-in device". Then click next or continue.

• If so, a new page will appear, which lists several devices that have logged into the Facebook account that was affected by the session. And the last step is that you just have to log in using a browser or other Facebook application.

You can log in one by one at the URL below:




Or you can also log in using various versions of other Facebook applications. If successful, a display will appear as shown below.


• The image display may not be exactly the same, but the whole picture is almost the same.


So many articles on how to deal with a Facebook account that was hit by a session, hopefully, this is useful!